Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Note from the Webmaster

I'm Ben's grandson, Rhett Jones, speaking here for a brief moment.

As I usher the Mayor of Badwater into a new era of social connection and life-tracking,
I invite all to come and share their worldly wisdom on keeping up with technology, assuming that's even possible.

It is my hope that the creation of this blog will permit Ben and others to share their experiences more swiftly and more brilliantly than ever before, with MUCH fewer hoops to jump through and a host of features one never thought possible.

Without further ado, let's rock!

-Rhett Jones,


  1. As i am in the process of writing about my life as an immigrant from France being thrust into the desert heat and isolation, i, of course check for long lost contacts.
    Ben Jones will be featured in one single story as the one doctor who made natural sense of health and wellness.
    He flew into Death Valley when i was living below Tecopa, then i saw him again as i lived in Darwin --the rest of the story runs through poetry and vignettes.
    I am grateful to have found Ben and his marvelous pictures of the whole valley where i lived from Shoshone caves to abandoned Panamint cabins and finally Lida mines before being widowed in Gabbs.
    still a fervent admirer of Dr ben, and his lifestyle..thanks for the webbing..nadine sellers

    1. simply adding that i will indeed send the first draft of short segment mentioning the bare bones no nonsense advice of the Dr..also would like to send copies of the weekly news column i wrote for the Bishop paper. while in Darwin.. my first English assignments! vintage by now..again the best to all, ns